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Dana Haim Pom-Pom Workshop

If you missed the first set of workshops, then have no fear!  Brooklyn based textiles artist and designer, Dana Haim is back!

Learn how to make fun, unique and colorful pom-poms and explore the different methods for stranding and hanging your evenings creations into garlands, mobiles, or wall-hangings.

As featured in, Sight Unseen, Otherwild, Stone Fox Bride, and more. You will learn various techniques she uses in her work, like setting up templates, marbling, speckling, color-blocking, and shape trimming.

Enjoy complimentary drinks, have fun, get loose, and meet creative new people while making awesome stuff!

July 30th

5:30PM - 8:30PM

Class Fee $75
All Materials Included

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1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles 90028

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Mixed Business Workshop

Come celebrate the opening of the Mixed Business Activation Pop-Up at Space 15 Twenty's Urban Outfitters.
Join us for an exclusive summer bouquet workshop hosted by The Bosky Dell.

Enjoy complimentary fresh floral mimosas while designing and hand-tying your own summer bouquet.

In addition to your own bouquet, each guest will take home some beautiful tools so you can continue your practice!

Workshop Fee: $35

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Aug 2nd

12 - 3PM

Space15Twenty's Urban Outfitters
1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles 90028

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Clashist presents: DIY Patch Workshop

Join Clashist for a DIY patches workshop.  Buy limited edition clashist patches or bring your own!

Iron and sewing tools provided.

Class Fee:  FREE

Space is limited!
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Aug 1st


1520 N.Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

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Interstellar-Sparkle Table by John Foster | Design Objects

John Foster is a design object artist based in Minneapolis, MN. He works with various materials such as quartz, acrylics, glass, gold, and glitter. He’s a wizard at creating substrates which are cut into multidimensional tiles that are then polished, and welded together to create dreamy objects. Our favorite is his hand-crafted interstellar-sparkle table (recently commissioned by producer and DJ; ZEDD). John describes his art as experimental. “The objects I make bring the viewer into the moment, with visceral gasps and heart skipping opulence. The colors are rich, the sunlit moments are priceless.” he say's. John draws inspiration for his art from his love of music, and constantly seeking patterns. “Sounds are some of the most beautiful shapes you can't see, but feel.” he say’s. Currently, John is working on accessory design in addition to his objects. A preview is live on his site. Below are some of our faves.

Images provided by John Foster.


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Anthony Brugneaux | EX NIHILO

Anthony Brugneaux is one of my oldest and best friends, and french fashion designer who just recently graduated from the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. His graduation collection was inspired by 2001, A Space Odyssey by Kubrick and Farm a photography book by Jackie Nickerson.
He explains that his collection is a dialogue, reserved to each one of us, to what we like to call "elegance" and thus bringing us back to our wardrobe fundamentals.

Photography by Quentin Saunier

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Ego Death

Have you heard The Internet's new album, Ego Death? With high anticipation from their fans, it's been nearly two years since the band's sophomore release of Feel Good. With Syd tha Kid's sensuous singing, you are carried into a world of relaxation. The album is composed and carefree - perfect for those long, summer night drives. Check out their most recent music video for "Dontcha," featured on their album, Feel Good, below:

Some of the artists featured include: Janelle Monae, Vic Mensa, Kaytranada, Tyler the Creator, and more. Pop Matters says, "The album slowly unfolds over a number of listens and each time you are likely to notice a new wrinkles - a guitar riff here, and bongo beat there - all of which give the album its unique identity." If you love laid-back music, this album is for you! Take a listen below:

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SANKUANZ is a chinese menswear label, with this FW15 collection he's showing that he can do womenswear just as well.
With a quirkiness in its expression, Sankuanz opposes to upright values in mainstream ideologies, through subculture standards against elitism.

Shot by Amanda Jas for Oyster Magazine

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Fool's Gold Day Off 2015

Free shows, Hard Summer, FYF, and now Fool's Gold Day Off? Festival season is coming up fast for Los Angeles! Fool's Gold just recently announced the line ups for their annual multi-city fest, and it's one you don't want to miss!

Day Off originally started five years ago as a party in a Soho parking lot. It's a place where people come together to listen to good music and have a good time! A-Trak, one of the original Fool's Gold founders says, "We've met people hanging out at DAY OFF that we ended up signing to the label - this is where the whole vision of Fool's Gold comes together."

Travi$ Scott crowd surfing at Day Off LA '14.

I went to last year's fest, and with artists such as Travi$ Scott, Danny Brown, and Vic Mensa performing it was one big party. Some of the headliners for the LA show include: Action Bronson, A-Trak, Travi$ Scott, Post Malone, and Towkio - check out the full line up below!

Not from LA? No problem! Day Off is a multi-city festival, and they'll be in Atlanta, New York, Miami, and Austin as well. Each line up varies per city, but you can see tour dates and full line ups below:

- photos courtesy of Fool's Gold

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Event Recap: Strumly #ListenLocal

It's no secret that we here at Space15Twenty love music!  So we're more than excited to explore the new Strumly app.  Strumly allows you to find and listen to local bands in your area.  You can either search by band names or discover new bands by typing in your city.
You're just one heart click away from being a new fan.

To celebrate the launch of this awesome app, Strumly presented three LA based bands to perform.  The Brevet, The Eiffels and Culprit.
Temporary pop-up shops from Sicky's, Flynn Skye and Issa De'Mar were set up inside of the UO shop.

More photos below


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Les Fleures du Japon

The body of work of French painter and interdisciplinary artist Johanna Tagada is intertwined with the notion of happiness and feelings of wellness. 
Tagada attempts for the viewers of her work to feel less anxious and more serene. In her paintings and through her entire practice, with the use of soft colours and shapes she hopes to relax her audience. The artist derives most of her inspiration from daily life and experiences. Her artworks, often semi autobiographical and related to feelings are described as poetic and delicate. To create a dialogue with the viewer is a position Johanna adopts in several of her works. 
Utrecht Now idea, Tokyo, July 2014, Tagada first initiates Épistolaire Imaginaire an installation piece, in which she invites visitors and friends to leave a written note of a simple moment of happiness in one of the pale pink notebooks she hand-made, as part of the installation. The audience is given the task to write (anonymously or not, in any language or form) a short memory of a moment of simple happiness. In exchange of this note, each participant can take home a folded letter written by Tagada herself. The letters are positive, encouraging, simple yet powerful. Though the time frame of the exhibitions the letters part of the installation decrease, just as flower petals taken away by a breeze. 

Épistolaire Imaginaire is thought as a travelling installation questioning simple happiness. 

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